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The Utah concealment course is to provide the necessary information and certification so the student can apply for the Utah CCW license. This license is recognized in 34+ states.

We take care of EVERYTHING!  (Notary, Fingerprinting, Passport photo, copy your drivers license, and even mail it!)  

Price: $75.00 per Person ($25.00 off if you sign up for the Oregon Class on the same day)


  • There are certain requirements that the state of Utah has set in order for you to get your concealed carry permit.
  • Here’s a list of Utah Concealed Carry requirements:
  1. You must be at least 21 years of age to receive your Utah Carry Permit.
  2. You can’t have any of the following convictions:
  3. Felony
  4. Violent crime
  5. Offense involving alcohol**
  6. Illegal use of controlled substances or narcotics**
  7. Moral turpitude (crimes against community morals)**
  8. Domestic Violence
  9. **Please note that some offenses require a waiting period but do not preclude getting a permit.
  10. If a court has adjudicated you as mentally incompetent then you are not allowed to obtain your Utah concealed carry permit.

**go to BCI website for clarifications



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